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Our Services for Businesses

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Recruitment for temporary positions

You save time and money while we find the best candidates for your vacancy. You don’t have to contact or negotiate with recruitment agencies. You simply send us your job description and we take care of the rest.

As we work with various recruitment agencies in Switzerland and abroad, we can present you with suitable candidates within a few days.

Payroll and Permit services

We are offering temporary employment for more than twenty years. This applies to candidates who have been sought through us as well as to employees you have found yourself and would like to employ on the basis of a temporary employment contract.

We take care of all the administrative tasks for you. We ensure that the employee is paid reliably on time and take care of work permits, social security, accident and health insurance, etc.

We guarantee that all Swiss legislation and guidelines are adhered to. This avoids unnecessary risks regarding social insurances and taxes.

Even for seemingly impossible constellations, we usually find a satisfying solution for all sides.

Individual support and advice

We support not only you, but also your temporary staff in all matters relating to employment. In doing so, we can show you a wide range of options and possibilities.

Our company values personal contacts and individual service.

Recruitment for permanent positions

Often, personnel for high profile positions cannot be found through recruitment agencies in Switzerland. Specialised agencies from abroad often do not have the necessary licences to search for personnel for permanent positions in Switzerland.

Here we can act as a partner between you and the foreign agency to ensure that the search is carried out legally and without risk.

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